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  • Battery powered
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Real measuring current over whole measuring cycle
  • Measures with both sides grounded
  • Sunlight readable 4.3" graphic LCD
  • USB PC-Interface
  • USB logger
  • Optional thermal printer
  • Optional mobile phone control

MOSTEC Micro-Ohmmeter VG-BAT-200

  • The portable micro-ohmmeters VG-BAT-x00 are used for resistance measurements of high power switches etc. The strengths of the instruments are the easy handling, battery powered, rugged design and low weight.

    The VG-BAT-x00 enables a real direct current meas-urement for highest accuracy. The current rises linear for 1 second than holds the preset current for 3 seconds and falls back within another 1 second.

    The advanced build-in LiFePO4 battery offers maximum power with excellent safety and outstanding life.

    The 4.3" LCD graphic display enables measurements in darkness, coldness and full sunlight.

    Measurement data is saved directly to a USB stick.

    The USB PC-Interface is used to control the device or read out the results automatically by computer.

    Read out the device history or start a measurement with an Android phone or tablet. Send the data directly to your office.

    The VG-BAT-200, with a weight of 5.1kg only is very handy and easy transportable.

    Typical applications are ohmic tests of:

    • Circuit breakers

    • Disconnecting switches

    • High current busbar joints

    • Railway parts

    • Cable splices

    • Welding joints

    • Ground connections

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